Cost effective Web Development for small businesses

Whether it's logo design, branding, web design, online marketing, SEO, or just help with your server to get you online, we provide a cost effective, client centric solution.

With YOU at the controls

You can choose to edit your website yourself. It's your property. It's easy to do and we can show you how. If you want us to maintain your website for you, we can do that as well. Remember - You're in control.

Easy Everything

If you don't have the time or inclination to build your own website but don't want to pay through the nose for professional help then LTCO is the answer.

LTCO can help with every aspect of developing an online presence. From finding the right domain name and server host to designing a website that works for your unique product or service and ensuring it's optimised for search engines.

LTCO can help you set up and run your social media apps and get your business listed in online directories or even set up Google Business for you. We can put you in control and you won't have to mortgage your house to get our help.

Responsive Websites

Using HTML5 and CSS3 we can make sure your website looks right on all devices. The Google algorithm ranks responsive websites higher and it ensures your website is available to everybody. All our websites are validated by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), which ensures they can be accessed on all devices, and we also optimise your website for accessibility.

Girl with a laptop by LTCO

Some Recent Work

Validated HTML5 and CSS 3.1

Standards and accessibility compliant websites with SEO included.

We don't use Wordpress to create your site. Wordpress was never intended to be used to build websites and can cause problems with google ranking. We use wordpress to provide a blog for your site if you would like one. Wordpress is brilliant for the use it was designed for, which is to provide a blogging service.

The method we use sounds more complicated but because all the styling is done using CSS the page doesn't contain a heap of jumbled code meaning it's really easy to change your site using a simple text editor. Editing instructions are included on the page

Girl with a laptop by LTCO

Creating your web presence

Creating a web presence is very complicated for those who have never had to do it before. Even if you have the time, patience or inclination to attempt to build your own website it will probably look very amateurish and then you've got google, facebook, instagram, twitter and online directories to deal with.

Your website has to be compliant with google's algorithm or else google could blacklist your site so that nobody sees it. Even then your website is only part of your web presence and fairly useless by itself. The success of your website depends on so many other things being just right.

It's a minefield and not something that is easily accomplished without having oodles of experience.

The traditionally high cost of web design

If you've decided that building your own website is too much hassle and have looked at finding a professional web developer to do it for you then you will have noticed the seriously high cost of decent websites. Add Search Engine Optimisation on top and somebody else to sort out the social media connections and you could easily be looking at many thousands of pounds.

Many web designers will insist that your website is served from their server and will charge money every time the site needs updating. The site is never really yours and you get little choice in where your site is stored or the amount that it costs. We like to do things differently and put you in control of your web presence.

Everything done for you and simple to maintain.

LTCO will do everything for you - from finding a server, securing your domain name, creating email addresses, developing a brand/logo, building a website, ensuring it's optimised for search engines, listing with google business and online directories and creating a business twitter, facebook and instagram page.

We use cascading style sheets that are linked from the site so all the styling is done on a seperate page. That means that the html page isn't covered in reams and reams of code that nobody understands. This makes it really easy to maintain your site yourself using just a simple text editor and a bit of copy and paste. Right click on this page and 'view page source' to see.

Single page website/landing page including fully responsive site, Contact form with captcha, gallery, on page seo, help uploading to your server, on-page editing instructions
Single page website/landing page including fully responsive site, Contact form with captcha, gallery, on page seo, help uploading to your server, on-page editing instructions
Full small business package including domain registration, server setup, Email setup, Logo & Branding, Website design, Up to 5 pages, gallery and contact form, Search Engine optimisation and setup of social media

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